Hunting the mysterious woodcock

Can you tell us a little about the traditions of woodcock hunting in Italy?

Woodcock is an iconic bird, very difficult to find because many of its habits are still unknown. Its hunting is probably the most important hunting type with pointing dogs. No other hunting style is allowed in Italy. For example, in France, you can hunt woodcock by waiting for it when it comes out from the woods at sunset or when it comes back at sunrise, but in Italy, it is not considered sports hunting. 

How did you get into it? What’s your favorite thing about it?

I consider the woodcock one of the last wild birds you can hunt with pointing dogs in Italy. To get a woodcock, you and your dogs must have the knowledge; you have to perfectly know the environment, the biology, and the habits of this very elusive bird.

What are their habits?

We don’t have as much information about woodcock as about other birds because it’s a nighttime bird. It’s very difficult to see it during the day because woodcock feeds during the night and it stays covered in the woods during the day. But a skilled hunter knows that it needs water, soft ground, and it hates wind.