Agnieszka Walczak: “Hunting gives me a respite from everyday duties”

To Agnieszka Walczak, wildlife photographer from Poland, hunting is a great way to escape into nature, recharge, and forget about her everyday duties. Highly favoring stalking, she even manages to get out on a hunt before her official work day begins. To learn more about her other hunting preferences, find her favorites below. 

Thing about hunting

That you can be a part of nature. Observe nature up close, see how it changes throughout the year, draw from its gifts, eat the healthiest meat, and rest in the bosom of nature. Hunting gives me a respite from everyday duties. I can recharge my batteries in the field.

Type of huntMy favorite type of hunting is stalking. I think it’s more demanding. You need to know the area where you are hunting because, for example, the world looks a bit different when hunting at night, so knowing the terrain is essential. Besides, stalking is more interesting; there is a lot more going on, and you have to be very vigilant.